Angry Birds, What is it?
Angry birds is a game developed by Rovio, available on Android, Iphone, Windows Phone and PC, particularly well suited for touch screens.

This site gives you the solution of certain levels of the game because there's nothing more frustrating than being stuck in a video game on which has already spent hours.

Level 18-2 : the solution to have 3 stars!

Here is the solution for 3 stars at level 18-2 of the game Angry Birds:

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  • s ecil says:

    no video available but using the balloon to destroy the top perched pig and destroy his bunker down to the first two pigs and their homes. then launch at low speed speeder bird strait up hitting the boaster as soon as he takes flight arches him over and down to the far away up top pig, and destroys the lower right hand pig while pulling over the cave dwelling pig. one bird to spare.

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