Angry Birds, What is it?
Angry birds is a game developed by Rovio, available on Android, Iphone, Windows Phone and PC, particularly well suited for touch screens.

This site gives you the solution of certain levels of the game because there's nothing more frustrating than being stuck in a video game on which has already spent hours.

Level 18-12 : the solution to have 3 stars!

Here is the solution for 3 stars at level 18-12 of the game Angry Birds:

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  • noneya says:

    This level is IMPOSSIBLE to get 3 stars on. I’m convinced you just have to get EXTREMELY lucky for the bricks to fall just right. I’ve tried it well over 300 times and can’t get the bricks to fall just right. Getting pissed off now.

  • Marmd says:

    This is the only one of all the games in which I cannot get 3 stars. The total points should be lowered for IPad, too.

  • Dap fore says:

    Yes, impossible. I have have killed everything with first shot and wasn’t close to high score.

  • W Sanders says:

    Still at two stars at 104750! I will prevail.

  • GA says:

    Persevere, I had the same problem. Got 3 stars at 106,000 and went on to rack up 112,000.

  • William says:

    Just got 104,740, looks like you have to be over 105,000 to get three stars. Definitely a tough one to beat. But it wouldnt be a fun game if all the levels were easy. I like the challenge.

  • William says:

    HA! I just got 112,380 with one bird. Its all about everything falling right. Definitely Possible though.

  • William says:

    Aim the first bird at the bottom of the first structure to break through the wood and make everything fall to the right. It should cause a chain reaction and knock everything down on the right structure while falling debris kills the remaining 2 pigs on the bottom.

  • Steve says:

    I’ve tried to shoot the top of the first piece of wood, the middle, and the bottom before inflating the bird after it crashes through. ARRGH! Over 500 times and still can’t get the wood and rocks to fall just right though!

  • Ruckles says:

    I just got 105,880 (enough for three stars) by using all three birds. I’d been trying to get 3 stars by using just the first bird, but apparently it can be done using all three.

  • mike says:

    I was able to get three stars on my Samsun Galaxy Android Tab with only 99,260 points. While playing on my iPod touch, I’m up to 103,040 and still only have two stars. I even uninstalled and reinstalled the game and it didn’t help, so DON’T DO THIS AS IT ERASES ALL PROGRESS and doesn’t fix the scoring issue. Hope this helps!

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