Angry Birds, What is it?
Angry birds is a game developed by Rovio, available on Android, Iphone, Windows Phone and PC, particularly well suited for touch screens.

This site gives you the solution of certain levels of the game because there's nothing more frustrating than being stuck in a video game on which has already spent hours.

Level 12-1 : the solution to have 3 stars!

Here is the solution for 3 stars at level 12-1 of the game Angry Birds:

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  • Josh says:

    There is no reason why 12-1 has to be this hard!! Who ever did the video either played it for a week like I have and only did it once! To get to 74 thousand is rediculus! It’s not fun when you do what you should and the results don’t happen. I still haven’t beat it and get it perfect everytime. Make it fun guys! Not impossible. Josh

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